Description:-Water based flexo ink.

The water base printing inks is specifically formulated to meet the demands of today’s narrow web label converter.

The water base inks features:-

High speed printing
Easy to use
High colour strength
Compatible with water base and ultraviolet curable coating
Adhere to some film substrate
Excellent press stability
Substrate:- Coated ,uncoated paper and board ,work well on some film substrate such as LDPE and metalized paper, Craft paper and corrugated packing.

product offerings:-

Standard printing colour available in following ranges.

  • Water base inks for film series.
    Application:- To print on treated film such as LDPE & Metalized paper by flexo graphic process
  • Water base inks for glossy paper
    Application:- To print on chroma art label paper by flexo graphic process.
  • Water base inks for absorbent surface
    Application:- To print on craft paper and duplex board by flexo graphic process.

General information

Ink handling :- If products does come in contact with skin wipe ink off with clean dry cloth do not use solvent or reducer. Wash the affected area with soap and water

Performance verification :- After press / job set up is complete inspect portion of the printed web for all applicable and specified properties. These properties include but are not limited to : cure, adhesion, mar and rub resistance, product resistance and gloss. These test should be performed prior to begining the full production run.

Standard colors

  • Opaque white
  • Jet black
  • Transparent white
  • Pantone yellow
  • Orange
  • Warm red
  • Rubine red
  • Rhodamine red
  • Purple
  • Violet
  • Reflex blue
  • Green

Process colors

  • Yellow
  • Magenta
  • Cyan
  • Black

Other Matchings

  • Additives:-
  • – Ph stabilizer
  • – Defoamer
  • – Cleaning aid
  • Reducer:-
  • – Slow drying reducer