calibrated sheets
  • Anti Slip coating prevents slipping or doubling
  • Quick and safe make-ready with different colors
  • Prevents unwinding errors & dot expansion
  • Prevents cloudy surface & smudging
  • Highly calibrated for even hardness and thickness
  • Less than 1/1000 mm thickness variations
  • Compression strength of over 60 tones per cm2
Calibrated packing paper is used in the pressroom to prepare a press for printing . It’s used to build up the plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder to the proper diameters or height and insure the best buy math homework image quality. Packing creates the proper “balance of pressure” or “squeeze” between the plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder will reduce waste and make ready time and assist the pressman in delivering a quality printed project.

The skilled printing craftsman prefers packing paper characteristics , which include a special fibre and furnish recipe for strength, resiliency, durability, smoothness and caliper uniformity.

Calibrated packing papers are made for only one use – to achieve correct printing pressures on a press run.